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Rooted in Sheung Wan since 2007, Kamson Property dedicated to providing one-stop service to both expatriate and local clients. We offer personalized advice, professional salesmanship and a friendly attitude that extends through follow-up service.

We have a mission to access a new niche in the Hong Kong property market. Our website provides landlords with a source of online marketing while making it easy for you to find what you're looking for.

Our experienced staff easily handle both English and Chinese speaking clients, expatriates and locals.

For investors and prospective home-owners we provide a range of professional advice covering market climate, mortgages, legal procedures, renovation, leasing plans, etc.

If you're relocating to Hong Kong from abroad contact us now and with the budget, size, style, location etc. and we'll zero in on properties to match your needs before you've even arrived in Hong Kong.

We have also expanded our business into first-hand properties sales, in which we deliver clients with latest news, discounts, price-lists and after-sales services.

Lastly, Kamson Property Management Ltd. has been set up to help our busy landlords keeping tracks on their rental income, maintaining the properties and taking care of needs of tenants.Lo

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Queen Road Shop 皇后大道中店

Shop 3, G/F, Hua Qin International Building,

340 Queen's Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


Telephone 電話: +852 2815 1361

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E-mail 電郵info@new2hk.com


Queen's Terrace Shop 帝后華庭店

Shop 1B, G/F, Queen's Terrace,

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


Telephone 電話: +852 2915 8298

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E-mail 電郵info@new2hk.com


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Our Team | 我們的團隊

Ms. Anny Chau

Account Manager

Tel: 60428304 (Click Here WhatsApp 查詢)

Office: 2915 8268

Licence no.: S-171912

Email: annychau115@hotmail.com


Mr. Brian Chan

Account Manager

Tel: 62382151 (Click Here WhatsApp 查詢)

Office: 2815 1362

Licence no.: E-243183

Email: brian@new2hk.com

Position: Msc (Construction Project Management), BEng (Hons)

Self-Introduction: Ten years’ experience in the property market in Hong Kong. Brian got a Master degree in Construction Project Management in HKU and a Bachelor Degree in EEE in CUHK.

Ms. Celia Pang

Account Manager

Tel: 96564023 (Click Here WhatsApp 查詢)

Office: 2815 1361

Licence no.: E-255877

Email: celiapang27@gmail.com



Ms. Irene Lee

Account Manager

Tel: 69007849 (Click Here WhatsApp 查詢)

Office: 2915 8298

Licence no.: S-149437

Email:  irenelee@new2hk.com


Mr. Ken Leung

Account Manager

Tel: 93866132 (Click Here WhatsApp 查詢)

Office: 2915 8278

Licence no.: E-223438

Email: ken9988@gmail.com

Kamson Property Account Manager

Mr. Terence Yung

Account Manager

Tel: 97526610 (Click Here WhatsApp 查詢)

Office: 2915 8278

Licence no.:S-415380

Email: terencecwyung@gmail.com

Mr. Zeki Kwan

Account Manager

Tel: 90701367 (Click Here WhatsApp 查詢)

Office: 2815 1334

Licence no.: S-109211

Email: zekikwan@gmail.com

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